Sea bass fishing with twitch baits: a tactic for success

For many fishermen fishing for seabass is a nice challenge. These powerful and wary fish require specific techniques to be caught succesfully. One of the most effective way to catch seabass is fishing with twitch baits. Let’s dive deeper into this strategy! Twitchbaits, what are they? Twitch baits are lures that have been designed to […]


In our newest film we send out Roel with just one tacklebox filled with hard lures. On the banks of a wild river he can show what he can catch there with those hard baits. The result is an informative, nice film with some great fish! Enjoy the watch!

Pike fishing in shallow water – How to do it?

Pike fishing in shallow canals and lakes is great fun, easy to do and effective! You don’t need much gear, everybody can learn it and you don’t need a lot of time to have a good chance of catching some fish whilst spending some time outdoors. But how do you start? In just a spare […]

Pick the best headlight? This is how!

The celebration days are coming meaning the days are getting ever shorter. Who’d like to venture out before work or school to catch a fish has to do so in the dark. An essential item that cannot be missed is a headlamp. Budget for a headlamp headlamps are available in a plethora of models. How […]

Succesful Pike Fishing With Dead Bait

Fishing with dead baits is really popular and effective. Het maakt niet uit of je ervaren bent, of net begint met deze visserij want iedereen kan het! Fishing with dead baits enlarges your chances to catch a big fish. In this article we will share insightful tips and valuable tricks to enhance your chances as […]

Which Is More Effective; Boat Fishing Or Bank Fishing Techniques?

Mark Besseling is a big lover of streetfishing. On a regular basis together with his fishing buddy Bart Elfering they are found on podia of streetfishing competitions throughout the Netherlands.Juul Steyn is a true boat fisherman and very skilled in all techniques and tactics fitting to boat fishing. But which techniques are more effective? As […]

How to get the most out of your fishing spot?

In the latest video on our YouTube channel we have challenged Roel to get the most out of one fishing spot. He was allowed to pick a fishing spot to his own liking. Armed with a stocked backpack and two rods Roel goed to the river Waal to take on this challenge. Every lure that […]

How To Choose The Right Fishing Line?

As a predatory angler you’ll be focussed on braided main lines. The lack of stretch transmits energy the best, so you won’t miss a single bite. But how thick should that line be? When searching for a new fishing line it’s important to realize what you expect from your line. Do you fish in or […]

Fishing in the summer!🔥

The mercury inside the thermometer rises above that tropical 25 degrees Celsius regularly and the water temperature rises happily with it. What do you have to doe with this as a fisherman? You can forget about pike when the watertemperature is above 20 degrees Celsius, but what can you do? When the water temperature is […]

How To Fish For Zander From The Bank?

Fishing for zander, often it’s talked about like it’s a simple thing to do. Soft lure, jighead, rod and catching fish! When it boils down to reality, there is a bit more involved than that. Don’t be scared, the basics are simple, but there are some key things to pay attention to. Hopefully this blog […]

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