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IRIS The Shad

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IRIS The Shad

Modern Designed Traditional Softbait, ... Totally Proven To Catch!

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We are here for people who love the outdoors and particularly those who like to cast a rod to catch beautiful fish and magical moments! With our tried and tested, high quality products we help provide both an affordable and a successful angling experience!

Our Predator DNA in one slogan: PROVEN TO CATCH

Thanks to decades of delivering successful products, we have gained an excellent reputation in predator fishing. PROVEN TO CATCH is not just a slogan, it perfectly describes the most important feature of our exciting new lures whilst they are being tested by our predator anglers; … they must catch time and again! 

Besides our products must help anglers to catch fish, they must be
• affordable,
• user-friendly,
• as unique as possible,
   … and whenever applicable
• equipped with our own, outstanding hooks; those from GAMAKATSU!

Wij zijn er voor iedereen die geniet van het buitenleven!