About Spro

We are here for people who love the outdoors and particularly those who like to cast a rod to catch beautiful fish and magical moments! With our products we contribute to an affordable and enjoyable fishing experience!

Wij zijn er voor iedereen die geniet van het buitenleven!

About SPRO

We are here for people who love the outdoors and particularly those who like to cast a rod to catch beautiful fish and magical moments! With our tried and tested, high quality products we help provide both an affordable and a successful angling experience!

Our products must be

  • Proven to help anglers catch fish
  • affordable,
  • accessible,
  • user-friendly, 
  • as unique as possible,
    … and whenever applicable
  • equipped with our own, outstanding hooks; those from GAMAKATSU!


Thanks to decades of delivering successful products, we have gained an excellent reputation in predator fishing. 

PROVEN TO CATCH is not just a slogan, it perfectly describes the most important feature of our exciting new lures whilst they are being tested by our predator anglers; ……..they must catch time and again! 

SPRO boasts an impressive range of lures that is more than worthy  of the ‘PROVEN TO CATCH’ slogan. Think of PikeFighter hard lures, Screamin’ Devil rattle baits and the extensive IRIS soft and hard lure series, to name a few different, but legendary lure series.

Het móet goed vangen!
Met elkaar


Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with angling professionals across 10 countries, and the countless shop keeping partners who serve many thousands of anglers, we constantly develop increasingly effective and innovative products to help our customers put more fish ‘on the bank’. 

Thanks to our global and local network, we can quickly meet the ever-changing needs of anglers to both realize and distribute new product ideas keeping them one step ahead of their quarry. 

SINCE 1994

SPRO began life in 1994 as a Dutch tackle wholesaler selling high quality fishing tackle products throughout Europe from its headquarters located in the centre of the Netherlands.

SPRO was founded by its parent company GAMAKATSU, which has an unrivalled worldwide reputation for the production of high quality fishing hooks. 

Prior to 1994, GAMAKATSU products were distributed across Europe by various distribution partners but, in order to better serve the European angling market, GAMAKATSU decided to set up its own distribution center in the Netherlands under the name of SPRO. 

As such, SPRO started life as an official distributor of GAMAKATSU in Europe with the sale of mainly GAMAKATSU hooks and lines and a very small range of SPRO’s own brand products. 

The city of Vianen was chosen as the ideal headquarters of SPRO due to its logistically favorable location and is close to Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, where the majority of SPRO and GAMAKATSU products arrive. 

SPRO Nederland
Met elkaar
SPRO merken

Various brands

In recent years the SPRO brand has continued to grow and really has become the brand for the predator angler and other ‘own brands’ within the SPRO group have been built for other angling disciplines, such as the end-tackle brand POLE POSITION for the carp angler and the CRESTA brand for the competition and recreational coarse angler.


Today, our company has grown into a worldwide family business with numerous companies across the USA, Europe and Asia. Within Europe, in addition to our HQ in The Netherlands we also have other companies in Germany (Düsseldorf) and France (Rennes).

SPRO in een paar cijfers


Our vast and diverse range is made up of more than 10 different brands and contains over 9,500 different products, with our predator fishing product catalogue alone spanning more than 200 pages.

With demand for our products continuing to grow across many markets, we now ship to customers in more than 40 countries, delivering great value, innovative products that help boost their fishing experience and put more fish on the bank. 

The SPRO Pro-Staff team

Alexander Rejasse (FR)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Ann-Cristin Weigel (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Bart Elfering (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Dominique Martignon (FR)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Eddy te Mebel (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Elodi Petit (FR)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)
Enzo Claassens

Enzo Claassens (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Fontana Mattia (IT)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Guillaume Nuget (FR)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Han van den Eertwegh (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Heino Glerup (DK)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Henk Broers (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Ilyas Schellekens (BE)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Jacopo Cecchini (IT)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)
Jean-Paul van Boven

Jean-Paul van Boven (BE)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)
Jöran van Ingen

Jöran van Ingen (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Luc Declerck (BE)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Lucas Meurs (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Mark Besseling (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Marc Vandekerckhove (BE)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Owen van Boven (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Roelant Snijder (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Sandokan Schmeets (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)
Vainer Mazzoni

Vainer Mazzoni (IT)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)
Vincent van Kalsbeek

Vincent van Kalsbeek (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)
Wilfred van Nunen

Wilfred van Nunen (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)
Yana Berntsen

Yana Berntsen (DK)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

Yvo Bindels (NL)

(SPRO Predator Pro-Staff)

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