How to get the most out of your fishing spot?

In the latest video on our YouTube channel we have challenged Roel to get the most out of one fishing spot. He was allowed to pick a fishing spot to his own liking. Armed with a stocked backpack and two rods Roel goed to the river Waal to take on this challenge. Every lure that get’s bit will end up in a give away. Watch the whole video now and join the cool give away!

Spot choice
It’s the end of June and a period with extreme heat is behind us. The water levels of all rivers are really low. With the current circumstances Roel thinks he has the biggest chance of success at a river with some current. In the current fish simply has to move and eat, is how Roel reasons. That’s why he chose the river Waal today. Nevertheless the low water levels, the current is considerable. Add to this that the spot Roel chose is located in a sharp turn, in the outside. On a very long groyne. The result? A spot with loads of movement in the water! Exactly what Roel thinks he needs.

In the middle of a sharp outer curve, a groyne that stretches a long way into the river. A textbook spot!

Firstly Roel wants to sense how the dropshot performs today. If you saw our prior videos then you know Roel loves using the dropshot whenever fishing from the bank. Sometimes a dropshot rig can be too slow, this can especially be the case in the summer. Which is why Roel brought jig heads and hardbaits as well as dropshot rigs. With these hardbaits Roel hopes for an asp or nice ide. If this method proves to be succesful can be seen in the video above.

In difficult circumstances Roel got regular bites!



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