Which Is More Effective; Boat Fishing Or Bank Fishing Techniques?

Mark Besseling is a big lover of streetfishing. On a regular basis together with his fishing buddy Bart Elfering they are found on podia of streetfishing competitions throughout the Netherlands.Juul Steyn is a true boat fisherman and very skilled in all techniques and tactics fitting to boat fishing. But which techniques are more effective? As an experiment we challenged both lads to use as many different tactics, techniques and lures as possible. Every lure that’s being used succesfully can be won in this video. Watch the whole video below and join the give away!

On an early morning Mark joins Juul on his boat in the center of Amsterdam. First they fish on the IJ shortly, but they will quickly move to the city center. Before the hordes of tourists crowd the canal tours, Juul wants to target the fish hiding underneath the many bridges that can be found in Amsterdam.

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