How To Choose The Right Fishing Line?

As a predatory angler you’ll be focussed on braided main lines. The lack of stretch transmits energy the best, so you won’t miss a single bite. But how thick should that line be? When searching for a new fishing line it’s important to realize what you expect from your line. Do you fish in or around obstacles? Do you have to cast big distances? Or do you want to present your lure in a controlled way in extreme currents? These things matter and help you choose the right line.

For finesse styles of fishing you want a line that’s thin, but not too thin of course…

Perch and Zander
The diameter of your line is decisive for the abrasion resistance and breaking strain of your line. Lines with a bigger diameter can take more than thinner ones, but are also more influenced by friction both in and out the water. If you’re fishing for perch or Zander for example it is very important to feel everything. This will be easier with a line with a lower diameter. It cuts through the current and air considerably easier, which will result in a better feeling. For perch and zander fishing you can think of diameters ranging from 0,06mm – 0,15mm.

SPEX8 is especially developed for lure fishing.

For pike fishing in general you don’t need enourmous sensitivity, so you can safely choose a line with a bigger diameter. In particular when you’re fishing for pike in shallow water, you will see and feel the bites, regardless the diameter of your line. A line with a bigger diameter offers you more security for landing every hooked fish. For this style of fishing there are only benefits with using lines with a bigger diameter. You can think of lines with a diameter ranging from 0,21mm up to 0,30mm.

When fishing for pike you don’t easily choose your line too thick. As long as you stay in touch with your lure and there is no chance of a fish breaking your line, you’re okay!

In the range of our SPEX8 lines there are 2 colour options available. A bright green lime green and a colour that is more camouflaged, camou green. The decision which one is the best is purely based on personal preference. If you like the visibility, lime green is fantastic. The bright green line contrasts against almost everything, so you can always watch where your lure is going. But that bright green is quite visible under water too. Pressured fish might understand that this green wire means danger. In certain situations it could be smart to opt for a more camouflaged colour like the camou green.

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