Sea bass fishing with twitch baits: a tactic for success

For many fishermen fishing for seabass is a nice challenge. These powerful and wary fish require specific techniques to be caught succesfully. One of the most effective way to catch seabass is fishing with twitch baits. Let’s dive deeper into this strategy!

Twitchbaits, what are they?
Twitch baits are lures that have been designed to mimic the movements of real prey fish. In most cases they are slim and elongated, with a streamlined design which cuts through the water with ease. What makes twitch baits special is that they are suspending. When you pause them they will neither float nor sink, they will hover in the same spot. And exactly that is a big quality for seabass!

Why are twitchbaits effective for sea bass fishing?

  • nervous action: twitch baits mimic the movements of real prey fish, making them irresistible for seabass.
  • Versatility: twitch baits can be fished at various depths, in different surroundings, from deep to more shallow spots.
  • Predatory reaction: the unpredictable movements of twitch baits stimulate the hunting instinct of sea bass, which leads to attacks from agression or hunger.
  • suitable for different circumstances: whether you’re fishing in clear or murky water, running or still water, twitchbaits are suitable for various circumstances.

How to use twitch baits for sea bass fishing

  • choose the right materials: use a light to medium light rod with a casting weight of roughly 40 grams, a fast action and sensitive tip.
  • Select the right twitch bait: depending on the available size of the baitfish in the area and the depth of your spot you can select a lure of the right size, with the correct diving range.
  • Fishing time! Cast your twitch to the designated area and start to make short, sharp twitches with the rod tip. Watch the movement of the lure in the water in front of you to discover what you need to do to make it move as nice as possible.
  • Observe and change: watch closely how seabass react to your lure. When they’re wary, or show no interest you could try to vary with the speed, depth and rhythm until you’ve found what works.

Which twitchbaits can you use?
In our range we have four different models that can be called twitchbaits: the Gutsbait Salt! Minnow, IRIS Twitchy, SPRO Mc Stick 110 and the IKIRU Twitch.Every lure has its own qualities. Exactly which ones is what you’ll read next!

  • Gutsbait Salt! Minnow: a twitchbait of 11 cm long that shoots left-right beautifully when you twitch the rod tip. there are no rattles in the Salt Minnow. Thanks to the magnetic long cast system these lures cast excellent. The lure is finished with 2 salt water proof, razor sharp Gamakatsu hooks. Gutsbait Salt! Minnow is available in 3 models: SR to 1 meter deep, MR to 2 meters deep and DR for 3+ meters deep.
  • IRIS Twitchy / IRIS Twitchy JTD: Suspending lures with a length of 7,5cm which cast very far thanks to their long cast system. In conjunction to most twitch baits the Twitchy follows one straight path, also when you twitch it. That can be of great value! All IRIS Twitchy’s are silent and finished with 2 razor sharp Gamakatsu hooks. IRIS Twitchy is available in a jointed, or non jointed and in 2 diving depths: SL for a depth up to 1,5 meter and LL for depths up to 2,5 meter.
  • Mc Stick 110: an 11cm long twitch bait with loud rattles! Shoots from left to right beautiful when twitched and is finished with razor sharp Gamakatsu hooks. Runs up to 1,5 meters deep.
  • IKIRU Twitch: a 10 cm long twitchbait which easily runs up to 3 meters deep. The Twitch suspends effortless and thanks to the weight transfer system the lure casts very well.

Tips for success

  • Be patient: It can take a while before you’ve found the right combination of movements to seduce sea bass. Stay calm and keep experimenting!
  • Learn from others: talk to other fishermen and learn from their experiences.

The use of twitch baits can be very succesful when sea bass fishing. with the right technique and some patience you can achieve big things. Don’t forget to experiment, to learn from your experiences and mostly to enjoy the adventures. Lots of success, but mostly fun!

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