Pick the best headlight? This is how!

The celebration days are coming meaning the days are getting ever shorter. Who’d like to venture out before work or school to catch a fish has to do so in the dark. An essential item that cannot be missed is a headlamp.

Budget for a headlamp

headlamps are available in a plethora of models. How do you pick the right one? First you have to decide for yourself how much you’d like to spend on a headlamp. Then it’s good to determine what you’d expect of it and how you’re going to use it.

Rechargeable, or not?

There are head lamps with rechargeable battery packs and without. For the mobile approach in most predatory fishing styles a lamp without a battery pack, so with seperate batteries is more practical. Just put an extra set of batteries in your tackle bag and you will never run out of juice. Which is harder to do with a lamp with a battery pack.

Put an extra set of batteries in your tackle bag and you’ll always have a working head lamp.

Fishing active or passive?

Do you like fishing dead baits? Then often, after casting you’ll have your hands free. During the wait for a bite mostly you won’t need any light. So you’ll be using the lamp less then somebody who’s on his feet and active the whole time like for example a zander fisherman whom is fishing with lures. Whenever more static styles of fishing are your favourite, then a lamp like this one is recommended. Not too many options, it does what you expect from it and comes at a very reasonable price as well.

Do you like to fish more active?

Are you a fisherman who like to move a lot, on the other hand? Do you like to fish during the dark hours for zander along the river for example? Then a lamp with some extra features like a motion sensor is really nice. If you’d like to move a couple of meters, you can simply wipe your hand in fromt of the lamp to switch it on. If you repeat that motion, the lamp will switch off again. Thanks to this feature, you can switch the light on and off in one single motion. Which is really brilliant when the fish of your dreams surfaces, ready to slide into the net.

With a UV light you can check the UV-activity of your lures. In this article you can read about the advantages of UV-active lures. Added bonus is that UV light is way less bright. You can quickly check your set up, without spooking fish in front of your feet.

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