Fishing with twitchbaits for perch and zander

Fishing for perch and zander with twitchbaits is a highly popular, effective and fun way of fishing. Twitchbaits, or jerkbaits are lures that have been designed to used casting, with an active approach. It mimics the movements of wounded preyfish, which is very appealing to predatory species like perch and zander. In this blog we will talk you through some tips and tricks to use this technique effectively.

The IRIS Twitchy is a good example of a Twitchbait.

Twitchbaits, what are they?
Twitchbaits are elongated lures which look like small baitfish. A characteristic all twitchbaits have in common is that you can present them slowly, but with an incredible amount of action. Often times lures that are suitable for this style of fishing are suspending, slow floating, or slow sinking. Because of this you can pause the lure regularly and long. These spinstops often are the moment when predatory species bite. In our range of products the following lures are suitable for twitching: the IRIS Twitchy, the IRIS Twitchy JTD, The IKIRU Shad 70 and the IKIRU Jerk 120LL.

In this video Roel Trum will wade-fish with several finesse techniques, amongst others with twitchbaits!

How do you fish twitchbaits?
Fishing twitchbaits demands for a technique that’s called ‘twitching’, which is best described as jerking your rod tip to make the lure move in a certain way. The most used technique to fish with twitchbaits is to retrieve them slowly whilst quickly jerking your rod tip with short swift motions. This movement mimics the natural motion of wounded prey and catches the attention of predatory species.With twitchbaits you can drive big perch absolutely crazy!

Tips for using twitchbaits succesfully.

  1. Varying the speed of a twitchbait can surely catch the attention of predators. Try out different speeds and variations of retrieval to see what works best.
  2. Change the depth of your twitchbait to discover what depth is most effective for that day.
  3. A change in the colour of the lure could be a good idea when your current option is not giving you any results.
  4. Try different models of twitchbaits to discover which one is the best for your fishing day.

Fishing for perch and zander is an exciting and effective way to catch these predators. Through experimentation with several techniques, lures and colours you can work out the best combination for that day. Keep these tips in mind during your next vishing day and enjoy the thrill and excitement of fishing twitchbaits!

The IKIRU Shad 70LL is suspending and runs up to 2,5m deep which is ideal for loads of spots.

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