Fishing in the summer!🔥

The mercury inside the thermometer rises above that tropical 25 degrees Celsius regularly and the water temperature rises happily with it. What do you have to doe with this as a fisherman? You can forget about pike when the watertemperature is above 20 degrees Celsius, but what can you do? When the water temperature is up to summer values it is wise to skip pike fishing until the water cooled down to below 20 degrees Celsius. But… That itch needs to be scratched, right? You want to catch some predators. And you can!

Heat proof
Perch, zander, asp, chub and ide are species of fish that are much more heat resistant than pike is. On top of that, many times you can catch them in the same water. Armed with a light spinning rod, a backpack and some lures you can have heaps of fun with these species. But how do you start?

The Active Pack 15 is really recommended for summer fishing. A lightweight and comfortable vest, offering enough storage for a day of fishing.


Firstly it is smart to do some research before you start fishing. Open Google Maps and the free Navionics webapp to search for spots close to where you live. Spots that could be worth investigating are characterized by: a different pattern in current, obstacles or sudden changes in depth. With Google Maps you can easily see interesting obstacles like groynes, poles, locks etc. whilst on Navionics you can check out the depths. With these two you can quickly form an idea about if a spot is interesting, or not.

On the website of Navionics you can get an excellent perception of the depths in your spot.

Spots with sudden changes in depth, current, and obstacles are honey holes for predatory species. Have you found such place? Than it deserves your attention! Make sure to bring lures to target all layers of water. Most predatory species will be located close to the deck. A soft lure like IRIS The Shad can prove to be the solution to catch them. How to fish it is, among other things, what you can read in this article.

Perch but definitely zander too can perfectly be targeted with softbaits!

It could be a smart idea to not start fishing the bottom right away. There are predators like aspius, ide and perch whom are often located more shallow. Because they are located in the upper layers, they are easily spooked. At arrival on your spot it’s a good idea to keep some distance from the water and start working those upper layers first, with lures like: Baby Thrillseeker, Fat IRIS 40, Ambush Spinnerbait or a ASP Spinner UV. The ASP Spinners are available in UV Active colours and there are some serious benefits to that which you can read in this article.

Firstly focussing on the predators in the upper layes could be a winning tactic!

All these lures are incredibly simple to fish with. Just cast and retrieve in one tempo. This tempo can be, especially for aspius, quite high! Don’t set your drag too tight, asp really take lures with bad intentions and hook themselves doing so. Whenever your drag is too tight, your line might snap on the impact of the bite. Are you curious for some tips and tricks about fishing for asp? Then check this video!

It could be wise to first focus on fish species that hunt in the upper layers, like asp.

And that’s how you can still enjoy a brilliant fishing day, even when the temperatures are tropical. If you can find a couple of promising spots close together, then you can try each spot for an hour or so. That way you can quickly gain some potential great fishing spots, and above all have heaps of fun.

Jean-Paul van Boven caught this perch using a Ikiru Pop, a surface lure. Exceptional spectacular!

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